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2020 John J. Nelson Sr. Legacy Scholarship Fund
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This fund was created to benefit and further the study of interior design and architecture by students of African American descent.
Competition Guidelines
Submission Requirements

Students must submit a 3-to-5 minute video articulating how the power of design has already impacted their life, and how they will proactively leverage their career in design to positively impact their future clients and community.

The video may be styled in “essay” format (where students are responding to the prompt question directly to the camera), and needs to incorporate original drawings, sketches, videography, or project work from their portfolio to illustrate their response. The video must be a max file size of 200 MB and saved in .MP4, .MPEG, or .AVI format.

Please submit the video digitally through the award website from January 13, 2020 through February 21, 2020, 11:59 p.m. CST. Each submission must include the video and:

  • Your name
  • IIDA Student Member ID (if a current IIDA Student Member)
  • Video title
  • Contact information
  • Name of university you are currently attending
  • Expected degree and graduation date
  • Letter of recommendation from your program chair, dean, or instructor
  • Copy of your current school ID

If any of the above documentation is not included, your application will not be reviewed. Any inclusions other than those requested will be removed from your application.

If you have previously applied for this scholarship, you will need to create and submit a new video application. If you re-submit your video from a previous year, you will be disqualified.

For tips on sound quality, you can check out this link.


The Scholarship Fund Evaluation Committee and the IIDA Foundation Board of Trustees will review the videos and select the scholarship recipients.