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Advocacy 2021 Keynote Presentation
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The 2021 Advocacy Workshop gathered IIDA's Advocacy VPs and members for a two-day four-session virtual gathering to recognize and celebrate wins, and to hear from leaders, legislators, and a keynote speaker about how to build successful advocacy campaigns in your state.

IIDA Advocacy and Public Policy Manager, Janella Curtis is joined by keynote speaker Tonika Lewis Johnson, founder of The Folded Map Project and co-founder of the Resident Assc. of Greater Englewood (RAGE), to discuss her experience galvanizing communities and building programs, including how to overcome opposition, and changing policy to benefit your cause.

CEUs earned 1 IDCEC CEU
CEUs expire Oct 21, 2023
How to Get CEUs?
To earn CEU credit, watch the prerecorded webinar and write a 300-400 word essay on three (3) factors discussed by the panelists that impacted you the most. Forward your responses to the email below, including your name, IIDA member number, IDCEC number, program title and class code CC-115547-1000.
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