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KI Education Evolution: Flexibility in Design
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How are we building flexibility into design? Pairs of designers and school representatives discuss major completed projects –exploring how the major goals of the projects evolved over the course of the discovery, design and construction. Addressing the importance of the voice of the teachers, students and administrators and how to best develop these spaces that ensure health and safety as well as facilitate dynamic learning models. How has this period of time shifted our approach to collaboration and discovery with schools to ensure the most dynamic social and learning environments.


  • Cheryl S. Durst, Hon. FIIDA, Executive Vice President and CEO, IIDA
  • Jonathan Matta, National Education Leader, KI


  • Colt Brock, Lake Highlands High School Alumni, Georgia Tech Student of Architecture
  • Casey Gray, Associate Principal at Lake Highlands High School, Richardson Independent School District
  • Adelia Schleusz, Vice President, Director of Education Interiors, HKS

CEUs earned 1 IDCEC EDU
CEUs expire Jul 15, 2023
How to Get CEUs?
To earn CEU credit, listen to the prerecorded webinar and write a 300-400 word essay on three (3) factors discussed by the panelists that impacted you the most. Email your essay to the email below including your name, IIDA member number, IDCEC number, program title, and CEU class code CC-114668-1000.
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