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IIDA MidAmerica | NCIDQ 2022 Study Sessions
Chapter Events Jan 11, 2022
IIDA MidAmerica | NCIDQ 2022 Study Sessions
Chapter Events

NCIDQ Study Sessions begin Tuesday January 4th (5:30pm – 7pm) & will occur every other week until March 29th. These sessions are located in Kansas City, however we're able to set up a video/phone conference for those that are interested.

Registration ends on January 10th.

Study sessions topics:

January 4th | Overview / Changes to 2022 - Kimberly Woods w/ CIDQ
January 11th | FX - speaker: Nicole Stoneburgh
January 25th | PX - speaker: Rachel Pierce, location: BRR Architecture
February 8th | Codes - guest speaker: Eirene Knott with BRR
February 22th | Materials - guest speakers: Sarah Jenkins, Jessie Miller w/ Patcraft, Mandy Bridges w/ Wilsonart
March 8th | Prac 2.0 - speaker: Nicole Stoneburgh
March 22nd | Lighting - speaker: Kim Ilhardt w/ Henderson
March 29th | Open office hours for questions and follow up as needed

Important CIDQ dates you should know:

Spring 2022 Exam Applications Accepted until January 31st 2022
Spring 2022  IDFX, IDPX and PRAC Payment & Scheduling Period ends March 31st
All Spring Exams Administered from April 1st through April 30th
NCIDQ dates are provided as a reference to show context within the study sessions and are subject to change - please refer to cidq.org for full details. 

Please contact Nicole Stoneburgh at kceducation.iidama@gmail.com with any questions!

Jan 11 - Mar 29, 2022
17:00 PM - 19:30 PM
UTC -7 (MST)
IIDA Members: 25
Non-members: 50