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IIDA Ohio Kentucky: Winter Friday Forum
Chapter Events Jan 15, 2021
IIDA Ohio Kentucky: Winter Friday Forum
Chapter Events
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From speaker Stephanie Polen, this program will be an interactive & engaging virtual session featuring polls, reflection activities, break out groups, and lots of great information unpacking some of Dr. Brene Brown’s research on vulnerability and courage, specifically as it relates to leadership and building relationships. We will also discuss how to use these powerful tools in a hyper-competitive work environment—and how they just might be the key to unlocking what takes your career and your organization from good to great.

This topic will help you reach beyond your comfort zone and explore strategies to eliminate feelings of inadequacy and achieve authenticity. We will discuss the roots of these thoughts and how to fight them.

Attendees are welcome to stay for a 15 minute Q&A/ group discussion.

Jan 2021
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
UTC -11
IIDA Members: Free
Non-members: $5-15.00
1.3 Credit Hourss