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IIDA Mid-America | CEU: Ralph Rapson Towards American Modernism
Chapter Mar 31, 2023
IIDA Mid-America | CEU: Ralph Rapson Towards American Modernism

Join us on Friday, March 31st for our CEU titled: "Ralph Rapson: Towards American Modernism", presented by Nigel Scott-Williams of Leland Furniture.

This CEU is sponsored by Blake Concepts and lunch will be offered to in-person attendees. The CEU will be hosted at Mercer Zimmerman in Kansas City.

This presentation describes the trajectory of the Modernist movement that began in Europe around the time of the Bauhaus and the events that led to its import into the US. As a result of his education and especially the very influential contacts Ralph Rapson made during his studies, Rapson added his own unique characteristics and twists to the original European movement and extrapolated them into a very American expression of Modernism. His career and his work in Europe gave the ‘face’ to American Modernism to the rest of the world – this course identifies and explains the values that underpinned his work and the many ways they informed the new American style. Rapson’s sensibilities will be seen to be evident in all his work – from small objects through buildings to master-planning. The relevance to today can be seen in the degree to which Rapson’s ideas were ahead of their time, many of which are more foundational now than ever before. This course touches on how distinguishing the criteria between a studio approach of carefully considered design and one of mass production can be applied to evaluate the state of design today.

IDCEC Course #116116, HSW 1.00 credit hour. Sign up for in-person tickets by 3/29.

MERCER ZIMMERMAN 8981 Bond St, Overland Park, KS 66214
Course will also be offered virtually via Zoom and link will be sent out to attendees the week of the CEU.

Mar 2023
11:45 AM - 1:00 PM
UTC -6 (CST)