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IIDA advocates for the advancement in design excellence, legislation, leadership, accreditation, and community outreach to increase the value and understanding of interior design. We are strong advocates for the registration, and/or certification of practicing interior designers who work in a code-impacted environment.

What does it mean to advocate for your profession?

To advocate for interior design means to support, champion, and commend the profession to people, organizations, and legislators. It also means knowing how to communicate what interior designers do to various stakeholders. Public perception influences your practice in many ways, including your legal standing as a professional at both the state and national levels, access to resources, salaries, and the way you are treated by clients and colleagues alike.

As commercial interior designers, you have the opportunity to work with IIDA to advocate for legal recognition so that you may expect more from your careers in terms of control, growth, project ownership. Participate in direct action and learn how to successfully talk to your legislators about interior design, engage with current best practices and breakthrough research, and recognizing interior design through IIDA's advocacy program. We encourage you to be involved in advocating for your profession on the state and national levels.

Get Involved

At any given time, your community offers a wide variety of resources and activities that will help you keep growing as a professional and contribute to a dynamic design community. Get involved and use your voice to advocate to your local legislators to help them understand why recognition and certification of commercial interior design are vital to the health and safety of your community.

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State Information
State Design Regulatory Board
VP Of Advocacy

On June 30, advocacy work done in partnership with IIDA and ASID on behalf of interior designers, saw great success in the state of Florida as Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law the Deregulation of Professions & Occupations Bill. This achievement is made possible through the advocacy work from IIDA and ASID, as well as the support and hard work of the Florida design community and colleague organizations such as the Council for Interior Design Qualification (CIDQ).

The deregulation bill ensures the integrity of the interior design profession and public safety through the formation of a voluntary state interior design registry. Interior designers in Florida will benefit from the law maintaining the title “Registered Interior Designer” for qualified designers, the interior design positions on the Board of Architecture & Interior Design, the interior design construction document stamp for plan review, and that “Registered Interior Designers” will fall within the statutory definition of “registered design professional.”

Read the FAQ below for more information.

Florida Deregulation FAQ

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