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IIDA is committed to supporting our members—a growing network of 15,000+ design professionals around the world who are passionate about enhancing our health, well-being, productivity, and culture.

IIDA chapters host local events, continuing education programs, and networking opportunities, provide information on legislative concerns, and give mentorship and career guidance to prospective, introductory, and veteran members.

Each dedicated chapter Board of Directors leads, organizes, and maintains chapter activities to ensure that design excellence is accessible to IIDA members everywhere. Members around the world who do not have a local chapter can join the International-At-Large Member Category.

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Chapter Leadership Council (CLC)

Leading Local Chapters Across the World

The IIDA Chapter Leadership Council includes Presidents and Presidents Elect from every chapter. The Council meets twice a year with representatives from the IIDA International Board and IIDA Headquarters staff to exchange ideas and crucial operation information to ensure that our chapter and member voices are heard. These meetings give the chapter leaders an opportunity to share knowledge, resolve issues, and share success stories.

IIDA Catalyst Grant

What could your chapter achieve if you had the opportunity for supplemental funding? With regional needs so varied, IIDA Headquarters has created a program to support our chapters however they need. IIDA wants to fund programs that drive our chapters forward, enrich the organization, and promote our mission of advancing excellence in interior design. The IIDA Catalyst Grant is designed to spark growth and provide the resources to bring chapter goals to fruition.

Chapters can apply under the following categories:

  • Membership – Do you want to run a member recruitment drive or retention activity?
  • Education – Do you want to bring in a speaker series? Will you host more CEU courses? Do you want to send your members to conferences?
  • Branding – Do you want to hire a graphic designer to create new materials to promote your chapter? Do you want to hire a videographer to cover a signature chapter event?
  • Leadership – Is there a leadership development program in your area that you’ve always wanted to take? Alternatively, has your chapter wanted to start a leadership development program?
  • GYST – Also known as “General Yearly Substantive Tasks.” Does your chapter need support to get organizational basics right? Do you have a unique challenge that you need help with?

Application Guidelines & Eligibility

Any chapter who did not receive a 2020 Catalyst Grant is eligible to apply for a 2021 Catalyst Grant—chapter leaders will receive application information in mid-December 2020.

Application Open Date: December 11, 2020
Application Close Date:
March 15, 2021
First Disbursement of 2021 Grant Monies:
April 15, 2021

For more information reach out to Fiore Barbini at fbarbini@iida.org.

IIDA Chapter Awards

The IIDA Chapter Awards recognize outstanding chapter achievement, best practices, and program excellence. The awards celebrate the exceptional efforts and contributions IIDA Chapters make to the interior design profession.

Historically, we’ve invited chapters to complete two elements for consideration in the chapter awards program: The Chapter Benchmarking Assessment (CBA) and the Best Thing Ever (BTE) Award. For this year, we are forgoing the CBA portion in light of the ongoing impact of the pandemic, so you may focus on the BTE Award submission.

Best Thing Ever (BTE) is your chapter’s crowning achievement of the past year–the project that your chapter is most proud of completed in the last calendar year. Up to four winners may be selected by the judges based on the merit of submissions.

Application Open Date: January 19, 2021
Application Close Date:
March 15, 2021