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IIDA members and its expansive design community are changemakers and leaders not simply within the design world, but in all sectors of society. Together We Make Space—physical space, social space, equitable space, as well as space to support and enhance our communities.
We know that being a part of an engaged and supportive community, that is focused on learning, sharing, and growing, is more important than ever. This is where the IIDA membership comes in. At IIDA, we understand the transformative, connective power of community and the ways in which strong communities uphold equity, accessibility, and safety. For 2023 and beyond, IIDA considers the power of design in making space, creating change, and building a better, more inclusive, brighter (more equitable) future for all.
Member Offers
Take Advantage of Our Membership Offers
IIDA Annual Memberships are Prorated | Beginning March 1, dues for new Educator, Industry, Associate, and Professional members will be prorated to 25% off the full annual dues rate.
Are you a recent grad? | IIDA offers current IIDA Student members 50% off annual Associate membership dues. Exclusions may apply.
Questions about membership dues or billing? Visit the FAQ
Membership Value
Tuition reimbursement, access to in-depth knowledge and research, and links to industry leaders and events help you get ahead in the business aspect of design. Member benefits include:
Eligibility for twice-annual drawings for NCIDQ exam fees, LEED exam fees, and WELL AP exam fees for those members that successfully pass the accreditation exams through the NCIDQ Reimbursement Fund, the Keilhauer Sustainable Design Education Fund, and the WELL Sustainable Design Fund
Chapter and regional professional development
Local and international IDCEC-approved CEU programs
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Webinars like IIDA's signature Collective D(esign) series, take-home CEUs and quick links to educational tools
Mentorship and mentor opportunities
Advocacy for interior design code and licensing initiatives
Proactive leadership in gaining governmental recognition for the profession
Use of the IIDA professional designation
Personalized member logo
Access to the IIDA Career Center
Networking opportunities through local chapter and international programs
Access to the online IIDA Membership Directory
IIDA recognizes that when you are passionate about design, that passion often lasts a lifetime - whether you are currently practicing or not.
If you want to retain your membership through retirement, or if you are unable to continue practicing due to disability, illness, unemployment, or relocation, contact memberservices@iida.org to inquire about Inactive or Retired Status.
The IIDA Emeritus status is an esteemed member type awarded to retired IIDA Professional members.
An IIDA Emeritus member has greatly contributed their life and career to the interior design and/or architectural industry. This honor recognizes and respects an individual’s lifelong commitment to IIDA, and whose contributions and accomplishments are consistent with IIDA's mission and vision. To learn more, and to apply for the IIDA Emeritus honor, click here.
Code of Ethics
IIDA believes it is essential for all members to conduct business in a respectable and responsible manner between fellow IIDA members and the general public. It is the responsibility of all IIDA members to adopt and uphold these guidelines of behavior from the code of ethics, presenting a positive reflection of themselves, the industry and the Association. The IIDA code of ethics is available at each membership level.