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2021 IIDA Equity Council
2021 IIDA Equity Council
Convened to produce, develop, and provide guidance in commitment to anti-racist and anti-bias policies, goals, and objectives to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.
Competition Guidelines
Application Requirements

Applicants must submit a professional resume, optional headshot for marketing purposes, and login to submit a complete application located here.

About the Equity Council

The Equity Council shall lead IIDA in developing effective initiatives to support the Association, its chapters, and the profession in all efforts to increase the representation of identified historically underrepresented design professionals and; create new anti-racist and anti-bias policies, goals, and objectives that will encourage the Association and the design industry to strive for equity, diversity, and inclusion. The IIDA Equity Council will support all stakeholders in that effort; and work proactively and collaboratively with all convened bodies within the Association (the International Board, Chapter Leadership Council, College of Fellows, Foundation, and other task forces and committees, as designated, to actively and visibly promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.

To that end, the IIDA Equity Council will assess and identify how symptoms of systemic racism and unconscious-bias can be acknowledged and eradicated within the Association and the profession at large. In response, the Council will produce, develop, and provide a series of tangible actionable tools, steps, and strategies informing IIDA’s commitment to ensure inclusion for all members.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Guiding Principle:

In a profession that is predicated on maximizing and expanding the human experience, it is imperative that as an industry we fully recognize that equity, justice, humanity, and dignity are fundamental and indispensable to the practice of design. To that end, as creators of the places and experiences that encompass inclusivity and justice, IIDA and its members are dedicated to all efforts that expand the opportunities and wherewithal of designers and that eradicate the systemic racism we recognize to be inherent in culture and society. It is affirmed and therefore declared that IIDA and all of its affiliated Chapters and subsidiary components, is committed to the sustained, intentional, and organized dismantling of racism in all of its forms and instances.