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2022 IIDA Educator Diversity Award
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Recognizing and celebrating educators who have advanced racial and ethnic diversity in the interior design industry.
Competition Guidelines
Submission Requirements

All submissions must be completed electronically. No hard copy submissions will be accepted. If any of the following items are missing, your application will not be reviewed. Any additional materials will be removed and not considered.

To nominate an educator or yourself for this award please prepare and submit the following materials:

Written Component
  • A maximum 500-word written statement about how the candidate is contributing to the advancement of racial/ethnic diversity in the interior design industry.
  • PDF file in two pages summarizing CV or resume including dated faculty positions held, courses taught, and other professional accomplishments related to the nomination criteria.
Letters of Recommendation

Four (4) separate letters of recommendation in PDF file format, saved individually, must be included. Letters must be from the following:

  • Two (2) letters from former students, max 1 page each.
  • Two (2) letters from interior design professionals who were not the nominee’s students, and who can personally address how the nominee has contributed to advancing racial/ethnic diversity in the interior design industry, max 1 page each.

Headshot (JPG or TIFF at least 5x5 inches at 300 dpi)


A select committee of the IIDA Foundation Board of Trustees, IDECF volunteers, and representatives from sponsor KI will review the essays and select the recipient who will be notified in January 2022.


The 2022 IIDA Educator Diversity Award is a $5,000 cash prize. The recipient will be honored at the 2022 IDEC Annual Conference. Winners will receive official digital assets, mention on IIDA.org, social media accounts, and in an official press release distributed to leading industry outlets and media partners.

For questions or more information, contact the IIDA Foundation at foundation@iida.org.