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IIDA 2020 Impact Stipend
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Recognizing and supporting IIDA members who pursued new education goals, supported their design community, or volunteered in their communities in 2020.
Competition Guidelines
Submission Requirements

Applicants must submit a brief essay of up to 300 words describing, in first-person, how they have pivoted in 2020 to establish clear new goals for personal and professional development. Applicants will need to describe the actions taken to meet these goals and reflect on what they have learned or intend to learn from them.

Selection Process

A select number of IIDA Foundation Board Trustees will review the essay submissions and select up to five (5) recipients based on the strength of the essay, description of the goal(s), and the action taken or to be taken to obtain said goal(s). The essays will not be made public and will only be viewed by the selection committee and IIDA staff.


The program awards up to five (5) recipients a $1,000 stipend and 2021 IIDA Membership at no cost.

Limitations Apply

Recipients of the IIDA Sustainable Design Education Fund in 2020 are not eligible to apply for the 2020 IIDA Impact Stipend.

The recipients of the 2020 IIDA Impact Stipend will not be eligible to apply in 2021 for either the NCIDQ Tuition Reimbursement Fund or the IIDA Sustainable Design Education Fund reimbursement. They will be eligible to apply for those funds in 2022 or later.

The 2020 IIDA Impact Stipend, a one-time $1,000 payment, is not a reimbursement, tuition payment, and/or coverage of fees.