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2024 Interior Design Competition
2024 Interior Design Competition
Honoring achievement in outstanding interior architecture and design that encourages and uses innovative interior design ideas, techniques, and furnishings. 2024 commemorates the 50th Annual of IIDA Interior Design Competition.
Competition Guidelines
Submission Requirements

All submissions must be completed electronically. No hard copy submissions will be accepted. There is no limit to the number of eligible projects a firm may submit; however, each project may only be submitted once. To enter a project into this competition, you will need to prepare and submit the following:

Written Component

Your firm's contact information including name, address, phone number, and email

Your design project's information including name and location
Project description: a brief project summary (50-word maximum)
Challenge statement: a description of your design challenge (250-word maximum)
Solution statement: a description of specific solutions to project challenges (250-word maximum)

Please use the following list of categories as a guide regarding the projects we accept. We neither judge nor award based on categories, but we do allow designs to be submitted into a category:

Corporate Space Large (1,000 square meters and above)

Corporate Space Small (under 1,000 square meters)
Education (elementary/secondary educational facilities, colleges/universities)
Entertainment (casinos, performing arts centers, sports arenas, theatres)
Healthcare (hospitals, outpatient clinics, medical facilities)
Hotels (must include 1 image of guest room)
Institutional (cultural, government/municipal spaces, libraries, religious spaces)
Public Spaces & Commercial Lobbies
Residences Large (125 square meters and above)
Residences Small (under 125 square meters)
Restaurants, Lounges, & Bars
Retail (stores, boutiques)
Sales Centers & Show Flats
Showrooms & Exhibition Spaces
Spas, Fitness Centers, & Gymnasiums


Please submit color images of your completed project, in JPG or JPEG format with a maximum file size of 1MB. You may submit captions to your images, not to exceed 50 words. Take note of the following additional guidelines:

  • Submit 7-10 color images total
    • only one (1) exterior image is permitted
    • Use numbers to name your image files, in order of uploads (01, 02, 03, etc).
  • Submit a minimum of one (1) floorplan
    • A maximum of three (3) floorplans are allowed
    • Please use the following format for floor plans: "floorplan1, floorplan2, floorplan3"
  • No composite images allowed - only one photograph per image upload
  • Do not reference or include your design/architectural firm name/logo in the images
  • Images may be edited to improve contrast ratio, color balance, and composition through cropping only.
  • Images may not be edited to add, remove, or alter any aspect or element of the project including its context. Images should represent the project as it exists in the built environment.
  • Conceptual renderings will not be accepted

The winning design projects will be selected by a jury of design professionals. Submissions are judged on excellence in aesthetics, design, creativity, and function as well as the suitability of the design solution to the project challenge and the successful integration of the elements of design. The jury reserves the right not to select a winner from the entries submitted.


Finalists and winners will be honored at the winner’s celebration at the black-tie IIDA event Revel In Design, June of 2024, located in Chicago! The winners will be featured on IIDA.org and published in Interior Design magazine. In the event that a previously published entry is selected as the winner, Interior Design reserves the right not to republish that project.

The winners will also receive official digital assets, including competition winner logos for self-promotion, coverage, and mention on IIDA’s social media accounts, and in an official press release distributed to leading industry outlets and media partners.