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Nov 16, 2020 By Abby Wilson
2020 State Legislative Round-Up
IIDA Advocacy shares what has changed, and what has stayed the same in key elections throughout the U.S. where politicians that support our industry were up for reelection.
By Abby Wilson Nov 16, 2020
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2020 has been a busy year for the advocacy work that IIDA participates in, and 2021 will be no exception. Across the country, representatives, governors, and senators that have supported interior design bills in their states were up for reelection–we’ve compiled the results of key races below.

In Wisconsin, senate and house republicans both held on to their state majorities. Interior design bill sponsors, Representative LaToya Johnson (D) and Representative Cory Horlacher (R) both won their reelection races. Lead senate sponsor for the interior design bill, Senator Chris Kapenga (R) won his election to become the next Senate President in Wisconsin. IIDA looks forward to continuing working with our excellent bill sponsors and with ASID to continue to move the profession forward in the Badger State.


Only one of the two bill sponsors were up for reelection in Oklahoma, Representative Mike Osburn (R) who won reelection in his district in the Oklahoma City area. IIDA is thrilled to continue to work with Rep. Osburn and Senator Adam Pugh (R) to expand permitting privileges in Oklahoma for commercial interior designers. The Republicans maintained control of the state House and Senate.

Bill sponsor Representative Bride Sweeney (D) won re-election in the Cleveland suburbs. Bill sponsor Representative George F. Lang was running for state senate for the 52nd District in the southwest corner of Ohio near Miami University and narrowly won his election. IIDA is excited to continue to work with both of these legislative champions for interior design. Republicans maintained control of both the state house and senate.

North Carolina

Democratic Governor Cooper won reelection, while the republicans held on to majorities in both the state house and the state senate. Interior design bill sponsor Representative Dennis Riddell easily won reelection for his house seat.

Rhode Island

In Rhode Island IIDA and ASID fended off a sales tax on interior design services in 2019. The democratic house speaker, Representative Nicholas Mattiello, lost to republican Representative Barbara Ann Fenton-Fung.

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