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Mar 15, 2023 By Laura Botham
2022 John J. Nelson Award Winners
Student members Kambria Lauderdale and Brianna Toussaint share their stories
By Laura Botham Mar 15, 2023
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As designers, we are responsible for ensuring the spaces we design are equitable, innovative, and invested in the future. In an effort to create a more diverse future at the student level, John J. Nelson in partnership with IIDA, established the John J. Nelson Sr. Legacy Scholarship Fund in 2019 to help achieve this goal presenting scholarship funds to undergraduate design students of African American descent.

We are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2022 John J. Nelson Sr. Legacy Scholarship, Kambria Lauderdale, Student IIDA of California State University, Sacramento; and Brianna Toussaint, Student IIDA of School of Visual Arts, New York.

John J. Nelson Sr., founder and principal of NELSON, is a known supporter of design education, diversity, and unfettered access to learning. He says of Lauderdale and Toussaint, “Both recipients of this year’s John J. Nelson Sr. Legacy Scholarship showcase the indisputable potential found in the future of the industry. Not only do their submission videos inspire, but they offer hope for those looking toward the next decades of our field and beyond.”

Hear from the awardees as they share their stories:

Kambria Lauderdale, Student IIDA
California State University, Sacramento

Brianna Toussaint, Student IIDA
School of Visual Arts, New York

Learn more about the John J. Nelson Sr. Legacy Scholarship here.

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