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Feb 20, 2024 By Jessica Jones
Alexandria Davis: Bringing Design Back to Community
Our New York Chapter President shares her journey as an IIDA member, and what her goals are for the chapter
By Jessica Jones Feb 20, 2024
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Alexandria Davis, IIDA, is an interior design and strategy senior associate at IA Interior Architects with passion to create spaces that tell a story and translate design into experience. As president of the IIDA New York Chapter, Davis works to advocate for and advancement of the interior design profession. Through her work with IIDA she has found a community rooted in pushing the industry to new heights and creating more diverse spaces. Bringing design back to people is important to the evolving design practices within the industry. Davis shares how with the support of IIDA she can impact the future of design.


Why did you join IIDA and how have you been involved?

Interest in joining IIDA was sparked as a student, and I’ve been a member of IIDA NY since I moved to New York after school. This was mostly motivated by education and wanting to engage with the larger design community. I officially joined after an event Co-Chair invited me to a committee meeting. Since then, I have been a Committee member, Co-VP of Sponsorship, President-Elect, and I am currently the President of the New York Chapter.

What inspired you to become a design professional?

I’ve always been drawn to anything creative and solving different types of puzzles. Even at a very early age, my parents, a librarian and musician, always encouraged curiosity. That’s something that stayed with me. In undergrad, I studied art history in hopes of becoming a curator. After taking courses in architectural history, I realized that I wanted to design and translate stories into the built space instead.

What aspects of your membership have been of most value?

The community, hands down. Design, for me, has always been deeply rooted in communication. There are so many outstanding minds in our industry and people that are so beautiful because of their differences. That is so special because we can learn so much from one another and support each other in ways that we never expected. It’s phenomenal.


What goals do you have for yourself personally and for IIDA?

I’d like to see IIDA NY’s efforts within community engagement and wellbeing evolve on all fronts, to not only evolve the impact that we can have on built environments but to investigate how we can better sustain ourselves and our communities. I’d love to see what seeds we can plant for the future that engage education, communication, and inclusivity more holistically.

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