May 18, 2022 By IIDA HQ
Campus Center Spotlight: Ball State University
IIDA 2022 Campus Center Award Winners Ball State University share their thoughts on the design challenge experience with Second Harvest Food Bank.
By IIDA HQ May 18, 2022
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IIDA Campus Centers offers students and educators an opportunity to work together on different projects and initiatives. Our campus centers create a design community where design professionals can exchange ideas with students and educators that is essential to design innovation. Through connection, each designer is helping shape the future of interior design one student at a time.

This year's The 2022 IIDA Campus Center Awards Project Winner is the Ball State Interior Design Alliance. For their project, the goal was to transform and renovate two rooms in Second Harvest Food Bank’s auxiliary warehouse in Muncie, Indiana, in hopes of helping Second Harvest market its space to potential buyers and lessees. With the help and direction of Second Harvest, students jumped feet first into a design challenge working in two teams renovating each space. In eight hours with a budget of just $250 per team, each team had to transform their room into a space that serves the Muncie community.

Greater Muncie, Indiana Habitat for Humanity supplied each team with furniture for their space and once renovations were completed each space was judged by a member of the Second Harvest Food Bank Staff. Students gained important hands-on experience in the field and learned how to efficiently work in a team. Below each team has provided thoughts on this experience.

What did you enjoy about the Second Harvest One Day Design Challenge?

“I liked that we were able to work as a team and try new things altogether. It was an opportunity for us all to try new skills that we’ve maybe never tried before like painting, space planning a real space, etc. Although I’m a senior and will not be around to see another design day take place, I really encourage our new board to make this a tradition while they can.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the Second Harvest Design Day Challenge. In my time with IDA, I feel as though we've never done anything this involved with the Muncie community, so it was great to give back in such a meaningful way and be able to see the difference we were making as we did it.”

What was your favorite memory from the Second Harvest One Day Design Challenge?

“Perhaps one of my favorite memories from the day was when we were done at the end of the day and got to share in our enjoyment of the finished space. Our team could sit back and take in all the hard work and all we had accomplished in the last eight hours, but we could also see what the other team was up to! It was also a fun adventure shopping around Muncie with my peers for additional pieces to complete our space and really being able to bond.”

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