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Mar 04, 2024 By Jessica Jones
Collective D(esign): Season Five
What designers need to know now: See what's in store for the IIDA series as we kick off March 21
By Jessica Jones Mar 04, 2024
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The 2024 Season of Collective D(esign) will explore what designers need to know to be equipped for the future of design. Design industry experts bring essential knowledge to the table and will offer actionable insights to empower designers in their careers today. This fifth season of our popular series will bring valuable knowledge to our community as we work together to build a more relevant, practical and positive approach to the future of design. With five episodes this season, IIDA brings together design thought leaders to discuss the nuances of design, growing our design knowledge base and how we can better equip the industry for the next generation of design.

Episode 1: Building Sustainable Communities Featuring Majora Carter and Cheryl S. Durst

The first episode of the year will feature a keynote address by renowned urban revitalization specialist and MacArthur Fellow Majora Carter, followed by a post-keynote discussion on design’s role in building sustainable communities, led by IIDA EVP and CEO Cheryl S. Durst, Hon. FIIDA with IIDA 2023-2024 International Board of Directors President Ronnie Belizaire, FIIDA and Dr. Angie Scott of the International WELL Building Institute.

Episode 2: Where Next? Equipping Designers for Future Tech

What’s next for design? AI and future tech are central topics for the design industry and will have an enormous impact on design. In which direction will those technologies take us? How can designers best use these new tools to create the future of design? We convene experts to discuss what's next in technology for design.

Episode 3: Collective Design LIVE at NeoCon: The Future of Experience

Live at NeoCon we’ll be talking with a truly stellar lineup of guests who approach the hot topic of experiential design from a range of angles, from high-end hospitality design to neuroscience and future forecasting.

Episode 4: Emerging Design Leadership: Tapping into Next Gen Design Wisdom

IIDA EVP and CEO Cheryl S. Durst, Hon. FIIDA gathers a special group of 30-year-old designers for IIDA’s 30th Anniversary. These emerging designers will share their views on the evolution of design, priorities to focus on, cultivating career success, developing good client relationships, manufacturers, and firm principals as young leaders. We’ll be collecting the wisdom of the next generation of design leadership.

Episode 5: How to Design Sustainably Now (and Build in Sustainability for the Future)

Sustainable practice continues to be top of mind for designers that are seeking concrete tactics and strategies to cultivate greater sustainability in their work, their firms and their design communities. Our panel of experts and sustainability leaders will share best practices, next practices, opportunity spotting and key strategies to boost sustainable practice now and lay the groundwork for future sustainable success stories.

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