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Nov 17, 2022 By Laura Botham
IIDA and ASID Celebrate HB 4715
Association leaders, legislators, and volunteers celebrate their achievement in passing the landmark bill
By Laura Botham Nov 17, 2022
Published in Advocacy

(Above: Bill Sponsor Illinois Representative Margaret Croke by Matt Mansueto Photography Inc)

In June of this year, Illinois became the latest state to pass historic legislation that expanded the scope of practice for registered interior designers, allowing them privileges to stamp and seal interior, nonstructural design plans for permitting. The new law, HB 4715, acknowledges the crucial role professional interior designers play in protecting occupant health, safety, and well-being and will ensure that practitioners in the state are recognized as such.

Although the legislation was was passed unanimously and in a single session, it was the result of years of dedicated work by the Illinois interior design community. Most recently, IIDA worked in partnership with ASID, CIDQ, lobbyist Liz Brown-Reeves, and Illinois volunteers. IIDA and ASID hosted a celebration in Chicago at The MART to celebrate the achievement, thank those involved, and hear about what comes next for interior designers in the state.

IIDA Illinois Advocacy VP Morgan Maples, and ASID Illinois Immediate Past At-Large Director Aisha Coats-Duncan led the festivities, discussing their extensive legislative process and recognizing distinguished guests, including Bill Sponsor Illinois Representative Margaret Croke (D); and Title Act Bill Sponsor Illinois State Representative Nicholas Smith; IIDA’s own Cheryl S. Durst Hon. FIIDA; ASID CEO Khoi Vo, ASID, IIDA; IIDA IL President Jill Dexter, IIDA; and ASID IL President Sarah Schwuchow, IIDA were also in attendance.

“IIDA is proud to have collaborated with our partners on the forward movement of Illinois House Bill 4715 ensuring Interior Designers can seamlessly continue the critical work of managing and protecting the health and safety of all those that inhabit our designed environments.”
Cheryl S. Durst, Hon. FIIDA
Cheryl S. Durst, Hon. FIIDA

For a full list of attendees and more information about the event, read more

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