Dec 15, 2023 By Jessica Jones
Paige Hendrickson: A Student’s Journey with IIDA
Student member Paige Hendrickson shares the importance of student membership and how it has impacted her design journey
By Jessica Jones Dec 15, 2023
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Student Members are an important part of the IIDA community and they are the future of design. They are the individuals who will be creating a new world of design. Through the support of our Student Mentoring Program, design competitions, scholarship opportunities, leadership opportunities on campus and with the local chapter, and awards, students have accessible resources right at their fingertips. Paige Hendrickson, Student IIDA, of IIDA Illinois Chapter, currently attends Illinois State University where she is studying interior design. As spring graduation approaches, she is beginning to set up the next steps for her future. With her involvement in IIDA, she has made connections that will help her pursue furthering her education and looking into what her career path might be. Hendrickson shares her experiences as an IIDA student member and how she is looking forward to what the future has in store for her.

Why did you join IIDA and how have you been involved?

I joined IIDA a couple of years ago as I wanted to learn more about the industry and become more involved in my community at school. Since joining, I have become more involved at school, becoming a board member of our IIDA campus chapter. I have held various positions but am currently serving as Vice President, where I collaborate with the other board members to plan monthly meetings and fun community and social events for our members.


What aspects of your membership have been of most value?

The connections and opportunities have been the most valuable part of my membership. As a member, I have visited several showrooms and design firms, learning more about the industry. Additionally, some of my favorite opportunities that I have participated in recently are the IIDA Student Mentorship Program and the Student Design Charette. This year, I learned a lot from my mentor, which led to an internship where I got to work alongside her daily. Already knowing someone at my internship made the experience more seamless and fun. The Student Design Charette was a highlight of my summer. I met and got to work with fellow design students from across the country. It was an amazing opportunity to get to know them and design together for the day.

How has your engagement with IIDA and its community impacted your future?

My engagement with IIDA has greatly shaped my future. It has set me up for success when I enter the industry. I have learned a lot and made many connections, from several unique experiences. Through IIDA, I have made friends and connections that will last a lifetime and guide me through my career.


What goals do you have for yourself personally?

This spring, I will be graduating with my bachelor’s degree. I will then return to Illinois State University for another year to complete my master’s degree, a goal I have had for myself for several years. After completing that, I am not sure exactly the career path I want to take yet, though I want to design spaces that inspire and allow people to create everlasting memories with their friends and family. Additionally, I want to become a mentor to design students, helping them in their education as others have done for me.

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