May 24, 2021 By IIDA HQ
Introducing the IIDA Equity Council
As part of IIDA’s ongoing commitment to the sustained, intentional, and organized dismantling of racism in all of its forms and instances, we have established the IIDA Equity Council.
By IIDA HQ May 24, 2021
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As an organization dedicated to advancing the industry of interior design into the future, IIDA has long supported and honored the promotion of diversity and inclusion in the interior design industry—our foundation efforts, scholarships, programming and ‘Be Included’ campaign enforce our belief in the inclusion and equity for all. As we expand on and evolve what it means to guide our industry towards increasing inclusion, access, opportunity, and diversity, IIDA is announcing the formation of the IIDA Equity Council, and looking for members like you.

The IIDA Equity Council will be composed of members and chapter leaders who are committed to increasing inclusion, access, opportunity, and diversity throughout all facets and activities of the association and the profession of interior design. The council will lead IIDA in the development of initiatives to increase the representation of identified historically underrepresented design professionals, create anti-racist and anti-bias policies, goals, and objectives, and work with the governing bodies at IIDA to actively and visibly promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Through the assessment and identification of systemic racism and unconscious-bias, we can better acknowledge and eradicate it within the association and the profession, at large. In response, the Equity Council will produce, develop, and provide a series of tangible actionable tools, steps and strategies informing IIDA’s commitment to ensure inclusion for all members.

In a profession that is predicated on maximizing and expanding the human experience, it is imperative that as an industry we fully recognize that equity, justice, humanity, and dignity are fundamental and indispensable to the practice of design.

Interested in joining us in this work? Apply today.

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