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IIDA Chapter Awards
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The IIDA Chapter Awards recognize outstanding chapter achievement, best practices, and program excellence. The awards celebrate the exceptional efforts and contributions IIDA Chapters make to the interior design profession.

Congratulations to our 2023 winning chapters and all of our entrants!

Congratulations to our 2022 winning chapters and all of our entrants! View the winning Changemaker Award Winners are below:

Important Dates

For questions contact Chapter Relations Manager Aleida Fuertes at afuertes@iida.org.

Applications are now closed, check back in January 2023 for information on the 2022 award.

This year, the Chapter Awards are becoming the IIDA Changemaker Award. To align with the most recent IIDA membership campaign, the IIDA Changemaker Award will be representative of your chapter’s crowning achievement of the past year. Up to four winners may be selected by the judges based on the merit of submissions.

How to Apply:

Why Should You Enter Your Chapter?

  • Be recognized by your peers and members as a chapter of excellence with our IIDA Changemaker Award.
  • Be featured in DesignMatters and on IIDA.org for your chapter accomplishments.
  • A chance to share your best programs and practices with your fellow IIDA leaders at the next IIDA Chapter Leadership Conference (CLC).

The IIDA Changemaker Award is your chapter’s crowning achievement of the past year. What project left the biggest impact on your local design community? Tell us. Or better yet, show us. The project of excellence submitted must have been completed during the 2021 calendar year.


Prepare and submit:

  • One (1) PowerPoint/Prezi presentation (8-12 slides)
  • Supporting narrative up to 500 words or one 3-4 minute video statement uploaded to YouTube,* describing the program, CEU, project, or event that best exemplifies why your chapter was a changemaker in 2021.
  • One (1) sentence blurb that best encapsulates all you’ve done to be a Changemaker in 2021.

*If uploading a YouTube video, make sure to change your video’s privacy settings to “Unlisted.”

Submission should address the following:

  • Mission: What was the mission of your program, event, or resource and how did that project impact the local design community and your members?
  • Planning and Goals: Was there a clear business plan or plan of action for the program? What were the learning objectives, volunteer roles, and timeline? How did you measure the success and impact of your program?
  • Marketing and Communications: How was the program promoted? What graphics and media channels did you use? Who was your target audience? How did you reach audiences you have typically not engaged?
  • Membership: How was the program attended or engaged with by members? Was it well received? Did it help members be better designers, volunteers, or community leaders?
  • Financials: What was the project’s budget, actual cost, expenses, sponsorships, and final profit?
  • Changemaker: Were there any specific volunteers or leaders who led this changemaker effort and deserve an extra bit of recognition?