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2021 Student Design Competition
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Honoring the talent and innovative thinking of interior design students and showcases emerging professionals in the interior design industry.
Project Title
Skyline Internal Medicine Primary Care
Openness and transparency were utilized to evoke of sense of trust between patients and providers. When patients are at ease and trusting they are more likely to communicate their health needs with professionals. To accomplish this the interior concept reduces the amount of partitions needed within the waiting area and places emphasis on corridor circulation. In doing so, patients and staff experience a sense of openness in an otherwise small footprint. Additionally, many of the partitions used within the space are glazed glass demountable walls. These partitions allow for patients to partially see into the provider workspace, demystifying the vagueness of provider workflow.
Nicolas Swaner, Marymount University
winner First Place
Project Title
AURA Primary Care Clinic
The concept Aura is oriented to create a delicate yet full-scale experience that allows clients to immerse themselves in a comfortable and relaxed environment. To encounter amenities with a near spa-like feel seen in hospitality, which are instrumental in creating a sense of “homefulness” and well-being. The design showcases high-end, soft-toned materials to correspond to the clinic's high-end yet hospitable atmosphere. The aim is to build a warm and affectionate medical environment to ease patients' discomfort while also utilizing technology to assist physicians to work efficiently.
Soyeon Kwon, Student IIDA and Yi-Ting Hsieh, Pratt Institute
winner Second Place
Project Title
DÉJÀ Healthcare Clinic
The DÉJÀ healthcare clinic’s design is simply about the patients, their beloved ones, and the caregiver’s wellbeing within the space. The aim is firstly an area where a feeling of home-fullness can be reached through the understanding of an individual, appealing to multiple generations without any gender limitation to make sure the visitors feel welcomed and comfortable. This satisfaction can result in having patients back in this clinic again or they might feel they have been there before (Déjà vu) which would also speed up the healing process. Secondly, providing an environment that creates a lasting impact by involving the user’s emotional sense in their experience by engaging them unconsciously into space. The HIPPA, WELL, ADA standards, etc. are considered to create a better overall design as well.
Farzaneh Akhavan Tabatabaei, Woodbury University
winner Third Place
Competition Guidelines
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Submission Requirements

All submissions will be done electronically, no hard copy submissions will be accepted. To enter a project into this competition, you will need to prepare and submit the following:

Written Component

Your contact information including participant name(s), member ID (if applicable), address, phone number, and email

Your design project's information including project title
Project description outlining why your concept demonstrates the best solutions possible for the design prompt (500 words)

Digital Presentation Board

Please submit two (2) 24” x 36” digital presentation boards in PDF format with a file size between 3MB and 10MB and containing the following:

One (1) dimensioned floor plan drawn to scale

One (1) furniture and materials plan (may be combined with dimensioned floor plan)
One (1) reflected ceiling plan, created with the assumption that the ceiling is a blank slate
Two (2) to four (4) renderings of the completed space
Two (2) additional drawings of the space, which can be elevation, perspective, isometric, axonometric, or orthographic.
Additional elements to convey the overall concept including, but not limited to, furniture and fixture specifications, color palettes, wall sections, electrical plans, schedules, additional renderings, etc.
Your board should NOT contain your name or any identifying information. Your file name should be: SDC + initials + year_board (SDCLHH2020_board.pdf)


Please submit individual images of the 10-12 images outlined above. All images should be submitted in JPG or JPEG format with a file size between 2MB and 10MB. Take note of the following additional guidelines:

Images should be saved in RGB color mode with a minimum 150 dpi (300 dpi is preferred)

Images should have a minimum dimension of 8.5” x 11”
Your images should NOT contain your name or any identifying information. Your file names: SDC + initials + year_number (SDCLHH2020_1.jpg)


The winning design projects will be selected by a jury of design professionals. Submissions are judged on excellence in aesthetics, design, creativity, and function as well as the suitability of the design solution to the project challenge and the successful integration of the elements of design.


Winners will be announced Spring 2021, and will be featured on IIDA.org, in the spring 2020 issue of QUAD, and DesignMatters. OFS provides the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place winners with a financial prize of $2,500, $1,500, and $750 respectively. Winners will also receive official digital assets, including competition winner logos for self-promotion, coverage and mention on IIDA’s social media accounts, and in an official press release distributed to leading industry outlets and media partners.

Additional Documents