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IIDA Equity Council
Furthering IIDA's committment to increasing inclusion, access, opportunity, and diversity throughout all facets and activities of the Association and the profession of interior design.

The IIDA Equity Council is composed of members and chapter leaders who are committed to increasing inclusion, access, opportunity, and diversity throughout all facets and activities of the association and the profession of interior design. The council will lead IIDA in the development of initiatives to increase the representation of identified historically underrepresented design professionals, create anti-racist and anti-bias policies, goals, and objectives, and work with the governing bodies at IIDA to actively and visibly promote equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Through the assessment and identification of systemic racism and unconscious-bias, we can better acknowledge and eradicate it within the association and the profession at large. In response, the Equity Council will produce, develop, and provide a series of tangible actionable tools, steps, and strategies informing IIDA’s commitment to ensure inclusion for all members.

“Our association as a whole, and each chapter within it, is passionately committed to ensuring that the world in which we live and the industry in which we work are prioritizing equity and inclusion for all,” said IIDA Executive Vice President and CEO, Cheryl S. Durst, Hon. FIIDA. “The Equity Council functions as one of IIDA’s many efforts to hold our industry accountable to its standards and values.”

“Just as society is confronting the ongoing impact of systemic racism, so must we as individuals and as an industry. We need change. We need to promote diversity, education and awareness. I leapt at the opportunity to join IIDA’s Equity Council, offering my experience as a female leader, my voice and allyship to this broad group of passionate professionals to help drive that change.”
- Amy Storek, Ind. IIDA

2022-2024 Equity Council Chairs

Ronnie Belizaire, FIIDA | Independent Design Consultant
Cheryl S. Durst, Hon. FIIDA | Executive Vice President and CEO, IIDA
Jon Otis, IIDA | Founder and Principal Object Agency (O|A)
Amy Storek, Ind. IIDA | CEO of the Americas, Arper


Lead IIDA in developing effective initiatives to support the Association, its chapters, and the profession in all efforts to increase the representation of identified historically underrepresented design professionals.

new anti-racist and anti-bias policies, goals, and objectives that will encourage the Association, stakeholders, and the design industry at large to strive for equity, diversity, and inclusion.

proactively and collaboratively with all convened bodies within the Association (the International Board, Chapter Leadership Council, College of Fellows, and other task forces and committees) to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion actively and visibly.

Assess and Identify how symptoms of systemic racism and unconscious bias can be acknowledged and eradicated within the Association and the profession at large.

For more information about the IIDA Equity Council, please contact memberservices@iida.org.

2022 -2023 Equity Council Members

Education Committee
Led by Jon Otis, IIDA, New York Chapter

Adrienne Barron, Student IIDA, Illinois Chapter
Kathleen Basta, Student IIDA, Great Plains Chapter
MJ Divino, IIDA, PA/NJ/DE Chapter
Isaac Holman, IIDA, Tennessee Chapter
Rebecca Hudson, Assoc. IIDA, Florida Central Chapter
Diana Kempton, IIDA, Southwest Chapter
Ivy Lane, Assoc. IIDA, Texas Oklahoma Chapter
Kendra Locklear Ordia, IIDA, Great Plains Chapter
Adam Nash, IIDA, Texas Oklahoma Chapter
Megan Plante, Ind. IIDA, Southern California Chapter
Heidi Plumb, IIDA, Rocky Mountain Chapter
Liz Teston, IIDA, Tennessee Chapter
Ida Wrocklage, Assoc. IIDA, Louisville/Lexington
Sara Ables, IIDA, Texas Oklahoma Chapter
Aria Real, Assoc. IIDA, Carolinas Chapter
Carmen Parsons Sneed, IIDA, Mid-Atlantic Chapter
Marlene Rutherford, IIDA, Illinois Chapter
Savana Khudhairi, IIDA, North Pacific Chapter
Tianette Simpson, Assoc. IIDA, Mid Atlantic Chapter

Leadership Committee
Led by Ronnie Belizaire, FIIDA, IIDA Georgia

Marivel Ansera, IIDA, Northland Chapter
Lani Daes, Student IIDA, North Florida Chapter
Naheed Jahid-Rahman, IIDA, Georgia Chapter
Mei-Ling Krabbe, IIDA, Rocky Mountain Chapter
Julia Monk, FIIDA, New York Chapter
LT MOON, Student IIDA, Virginia/West Virginia Chapter
Madelynne Moulton, IIDA, Tennessee Chapter
Nicole Rivers, Student IIDA, New York Chapter
Anya Shah, Student IIDA Ohio/Kentucky Chapter
Robina Shepherd, Assoc. IIDA, New England Chapter
Lakiesha Stanley, IIDA, Carolinas Chapter
Rhea Vaflor, IIDA, Mid-Atlantic Chapter

Programming Committee
Led by Amy Storek, Ind. IIDA, Northern California Chapter

Lauren Gardner, Assoc. IIDA, Northland Chapter
Marketa Hollingsworth, IIDA, Florida Central Chapter
Kimberly Martin, Assoc. IIDA, Illinois Chapter
Tom Polucci, IIDA, New York Chapter
Mark Bryan, IIDA, Ohio/Kentucky Chapter
Autumn Tiller. Assoc. IIDA, Texas/Oklahoma Chapter

Public and Industry Awareness Committee
Led by Cheryl S. Durst, Hon. FIIDA, IIDA HQ

Brianna Arpy, Assoc. IIDA, Wisconsin Chapter
Allison Brown, Assoc. IIDA, New York Chapter
Adrian Chan, Assoc. IIDA, New YorkChapter
Marie Moutsos, IIDA, Mid Atlantic Chapter
Derek Jayson Rusch, Assoc. IIDA, Chicago Chapter
Nkili Sudah, Student IIDA, Mid-Atlantic Chapter
Maria VanDeman, Ind. IIDA, South Florida Chapter
Onisha Walker, Assoc. IIDA, Carolinas Chapter
Bethany Williams, IIDA, Ohio/Kentucky Chapter
Leilani Norman Ind. IIDA, North Pacific Chapter
Monae Redmond, IIDA HQ
Adrienne Barron, Student IIDA, Illinois Chapter

Strategic Partnerships

Ren DeCherney, IIDA, Oregon Chapter
Crandon Gustafson, IIDA, Southern California Chapter
Ruju Jasani, IIDA, Northern California
Deirdre Jones, Student IIDA, Illinois Chapter
Morgan Maples, IIDA, Illinois Chapter
Megan Mershman, IIDA, Ohio/Kentucky Chapter
Karen Muraoka, FIIDA, Hawaii Pacific Chapter
Vibhavari Jani, IIDA, Mid America Chapter
Christine Peter, Ind. IIDA, Southern California Chapter