Mar 27, 2023 By Vasia Rigou
Advocacy Works March 2023
Find out how advocacy works across the country—from bills that have passed and those still on the floor, to other efforts that support how we practice interior design
By Vasia Rigou Mar 27, 2023
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Continuing IIDA’s Advocacy Works series, we kick off 2023 by looking at advocacy efforts from across the country. As several of our chapters share updates on recent wins and ongoing efforts in their states, we cannot help but be grateful to our IIDA advocates for all the tireless work they do as they support advancement in design excellence, legislation, leadership, accreditation, and community outreach to increase the value and understanding of interior design. Together we hope to inspire everyone's inner advocate for positive change.


Northern California Chapter:
VP of Advocacy, Laura Taylor; Assistant VP of Advocacy, Adam Newton, IIDA
Southern California Chapter: VP of Advocacy Nicole Dehlin-Grant, IIDA; Co-VP of Advocacy; Gabrielle Mote, IIDA

SB 816, Roth

This bill codifies by name the California Council for Interior Design Certification, which is the third party council that regulates the title act for interior designers in California and introduces a new title, “Certified Commercial Interior Designer,” in addition to the existing title, “Certified Interior Designer.”

Most Recent Activity:

IIDA is working in conjunction with a new lobbyist to understand the impacts of and opportunities to amend this bill considering two long standing concerns: In California, the requirements to become a Certified Commercial Interior Designer do not include passage of the NCIDQ, but rather passage of the IDEX® California (Interior Design EXamination). Secondly, SB816 does not define an expanded scope for Certified Commercial Interior Designers, nor does it include permitting privileges.


Mid-America Chapter VP of Advocacy: Meghan Dudek, IIDA

Most Recent Activity:

The Mid-America Chapter plans to introduce a bill in 2024 to lay the foundation of allowing for Sign and Seal Privileges. In terms of events and programming, the Chapter has started an “Advocacy Awareness,” campaign (featuring several virtual events along with a bowling event) to bring the community together and help prepare for Advocacy Day on April 12th.


VP of Advocacy Texas/Oklahoma Chapter: Katelyn Bell, IIDA
Representative Mike Osburn and Senator Adam Pugh

This bill is focused on the title “Registered Commercial Interior Designer” that will now become “Licensed Interior Designer” with the inclusion of scope. Importantly, the Chapter is working on the following issues: Enhancing and protecting the Health, Safety, and Welfare of the public in interior environments. Specification of code-compliant interior finishes, furnishings, fixtures, or equipment. Design or modification of existing internal circulation systems or number and configuration of interior edits for suite occupant load. Review, analysis, and evaluation of building codes, accessibility standards, or guidelines for interior planning, design, and nonstructural interior construction compliance.


VP of Advocacy Wisconsin Chapter: Laura Schade Stroik, IIDA
2021 Act 195

Most Recent Activity:

Titled “Don't Panic - The Ultimate Interior Designer's CEU,” the second part of this event will be hosted in-person at Atmosphere Commercial Interiors in Madison, WI and virtually streamed at satellite viewing locations throughout the state. Randy Dahmen from the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services will present critical information about the administrative building code including how to design compliant spaces for fire, life safety, and egress considerations. Whether you previously attended Part 1 or not, don't miss the second half of an enlightening presentation. Register for the location you'll be attending here.

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