Jul 27, 2022 By IIDA HQ
Meet Aleida Fuertes, IIDA Chapter Relations Manager
Get to know our new Chapter Relations Manager Aleida Fuertes and learn what she plans to do as she moves forward in this new IIDA role.
By IIDA HQ Jul 27, 2022
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IIDA has appointed Aleida Fuertes into the newest role as Chapter Relations Manager, serving as the conduit between IIDA and its chapters. She will create and maintain relations with our chapters, from managing member affinity programs to connecting with chapter leaders. Fuertes has a passion for connecting with people, having built a career in member services for over 10 years, and is excited to develop relationships with IIDA chapter leaders and members

Tell us a bit about where you come from. In what ways has your background prepared you for, and how will it inform your new role at IIDA?

Like most people in association management, I didn’t learn about the industry in college. In fact, I didn’t know the association world existed and I accidentally stumbled into my career shortly after graduation, as a temporary employee. However, that temporary opportunity turned into a rewarding 10-year journey on a membership team. Previously I worked at the Academy of General Dentistry, and in my most recent role, I was the Student Engagement Administrator, where I learned about everything from membership to event planning, marketing, and governance. I found it very fulfilling to help others succeed in their purpose and passion and I’m looking forward to supporting IIDA’s chapters and members in the same way.

As Chapter Relations Manager, how do you plan to build a closer relationship with the chapters?

Like any relationship, communication is key! I’m looking forward to creating a positive connection with our chapters by getting to know them and their needs. I’m excited to learn about the wins and challenges of each chapter, and to gather feedback and requests to take into consideration. My goal is to provide support in making changes or improvements as needed, which in return will build even more trust between Headquarters and our chapters.

What do you hope to accomplish in this position—both short and long-term?

Short-term, I’m excited to get more involved with our chapters and build a closer relationship with them. Although relationship building with chapters will be ongoing, I’m excited to visit chapters, attend events, and get to know their staff, volunteers, and members. I’m a new face, so eliminating any barriers to communication and connection will be important.

Long-term, I would like to discover any opportunities for improvement to better support our chapters. I enjoy developing useful resources, improving or creating systems and processes that will benefit our chapters locally, and strengthening their relationship with headquarters. I want to empower our chapters and highlight their successes to all of IIDA. Ultimately, my goal is to help our chapters increase member engagement, strengthen recruiting and retaining members, provide leadership development, and handle other things on a local level like their marketing and communications efforts. I think it would also be great to find more ways to increase collaboration, resource sharing, and support between chapters.

What are you most looking forward to doing in this position?

Overall, I am most looking forward to supporting IIDA’s mission by supporting our chapters in any way possible. I am looking forward to seeing the tangible impact of all of our efforts in the years to come for the commercial interior design industry.


What excites you about working at IIDA?

After my second interview with IIDA’s Vice President and CEO, Cheryl S. Durst, I felt empowered and was hoping and praying I got the job. Now one month into my new role the inspiration has not stopped! I’m excited to be in a more creative environment, from working with my new coworkers to experiencing the design of our beautiful downtown office—I’m just overjoyed. On top of that, getting to know more and more of our chapter leaders, and learning about IIDA’s involvement with equity and empowerment of youth, it all excites me!

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