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Academy FAQ: CEUs and Continuing Education
Where can I find CEU programs?
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CEUs are offered in a variety of venues. To locate programs in your area, use the IIDA events calendar.

What is the current compliance period?
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The current compliance period for Professional and Associate members is January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2023.

Does the current period apply to me?
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The current compliance period applies if you became either a *Professional or *Associate Member prior to Jan. 1, 2022. This allows you a full two years to complete the 10 CEU (10) hours requirement, beginning your second year of membership.

  • If you became a Professional or Associate Member before Jan. 1, 2022, your compliance period began Jan. 1, 2022.
  • If you became a Professional or Associate Member after Jan. 1, 2022, your first compliance period will begin Jan. 1, 2024.

*All Professional and Associate members (active and inactive) including educators, IIDA Fellows, and chapter officers, must adhere to IIDA compliance requirements.

What is a CEU?
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A CEU, a continuing education unit, is a measurement of contact hours and credit assigned to an approved course. CEUs are awarded based on half-hour increments after the first 60 minutes. One (1) contact hour of learning activity equates to 1 CEU. Contact hours are rounded to the lowest half-hour increment. For example, if instruction time is 75 minutes, the course will receive one (1) contact hour or 1 CEU; 90 minutes will receive 1.5 contact hours, or 1.5 CEU credits.

Are IIDA compliance requirements and state licensing requirements the same?
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No. IIDA’s compliance requirements are independent from individual state licensing continuing education requirements. Some, but not all, courses may qualify for both IIDA and your state continuing education requirements. Please check with your state board of licensing to verify continuing education policies and procedures.

What if the class is not IDCEC approved?
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If you have attended a course which was not IDCEC approved and wish to apply it towards your IIDA compliance, you can contact us at ceu@iida.org for more information.

What continuing education options are available to IIDA members?
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CEU courses are available in many venues and formats to enable members to fulfill their continuing education requirements. Learning options include:

  • Courses sponsored by IIDA Chapters and City Centers
  • IIDA independent study courses (available in hard copy or electronic format)
  • Courses approved through IDCEC (IDCEC member organizations include: ASID, IDC, IDEC, IIDA)
  • Structured travel / study tours led by qualified instructors (self-guided tours are not acceptable)
  • Educational tracks at industry-wide conferences and symposia
  • College courses (not toward a degree)
  • Educational courses at museums and other cultural institutions led by qualified instructors
  • Self-study courses available on the Internet, trade publications and Perspective magazine.
Other Important Facts
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  • CEUs are not transferable between compliance periods. Any additional credits, above and beyond the required 10 CEUs and/or accumulated before Jan. 1, 2022, cannot be credited to the current compliance period.
  • The attendance date for a course is used as your completed date.
  • Keep a copy of all CEU records including certificates of attendance/completion. According to IIDA policy, members may be requested to submit proof of course completion to IIDA Headquarters.
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