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Why Talent Collective Consulting?

Fostering an inclusive, diverse work environment is no longer an afterthought—equity, diversity, and inclusion are key components for organizations seeking long term success and innovation.

IIDA’s Talent Collective Consulting (TCC), provides a broad range of services to assist your company in assessing where your strengths and weaknesses lie and providing solutions that make your organization a supportive, engaging place to work for everyone, thus generating tangible, positive bottom line results.


  • Analysis of HR, company structure
  • Case Studies
  • Marketing and Communications Toolkit
  • Seminars
  • Strategic Planning: development and implementation of long-term EDI goals
  • Workshops

"Insight, acumen, and empathy are core to understanding and promoting the art and science of inclusion. Talent Collective Consulting offers you and your organization the opportunity to understand the principles of EDI and ability to proactively incorporate and scale these practices into your daily life and throughout your workplace. Truly future-forward organizations cannot thrive without a culture that nurtures and embraces a culture of belonging."

- Cheryl S. Durst, Hon. FIIDA Executive Vice President and CEO, IIDA

Cheryl S. Durst, Hon. FIIDA
Diversity and Inclusion Facilitation
Certificate, Cornell University
Roni Jackson
EDI Facilitator
Talent Collective Consulting
Tracey Thomas, Assoc. IIDA
Director of Strategic Sales, IIDA

To learn more, contact Tracey Thomas, Assoc. IIDA Director of Strategic Sales at tthomas@iida.org