Feb 24, 2022 By IIDA HQ
IR24: IIDA Industry Roundtable Returns
Industry leaders and thinkers share conversation, community, strategy, and goal setting to weigh in on the state of the industry—and what’s in store for the future.
By IIDA HQ Feb 24, 2022
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There was high desert air, and a high-spirited welcome, as the IIDA Industry Roundtable (IR24) made its in-person return in Santa Fe, NM last month. But beyond the power of connection, the power of the collective—to move the design industry toward greater equity and inclusion and to explore what’s next—was brilliantly present.This year’s retreat marked the 24th time IIDA has convened the industry’s brightest minds for unconstrained conversation, knowledge sharing, and goal setting. On the table this time around? Issues as complex as expanding and diversifying our talent pool, fostering an industry-wide culture shift, and re-empowering collaboration in the world of hybrid work. And we didn’t stop with just thinking the “big” design thoughts, we spun it forward, into the future.


We’re excited to share in detail the insights with our IIDA members over the coming months—here’s what you can expect:

Tackling Talent:
It’s one of THE topics on the industry’s mind right now, and participants dug into what the workforce of the future wants, how the manager/team member relationship is shifting, and who exactly we should be looking for when we’re looking to hire.

Empowering EDI:
We didn’t just talk about greater equity, diversity, and inclusion in design, we looked at real-world, actionable ways to make it happen. Everybody on board, you’re a part of this, too!

Expanding Sustainability:
We’re exploding the old definitions and broadening our point of view on sustainable practice. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to dig into some of the issues plaguing our industry.

Opening our Minds:
The future is richer than you can imagine and full of possibilities, if you know how to look. IR24’s Futurist in Residence, Mark Bryan, shows us the way.

For information on IR25 in January 2023, please contact IIDA Director of Strategic Sales, Tracey Thomas.

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