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Jan 26, 2023 By IIDA HQ
We Make Space: Renew today!
IIDA is made of creatives, leaders, and changemakers and We Make Space, to understand and uplift humanity
By IIDA HQ Jan 26, 2023
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IIDA members and its expansive design community are changemakers and leaders in all sectors of society, and together We Make Space—physical space, community space, social space, equitable space, as well as space to support and enhance our communities. Join or renew today.

Our members are changemakers and leaders in the industry working to create collective spaces where we all can thrive together. We offer members resources, support, and programming that bring to light the issues we face in the design world. From equity to sustainability our members take in knowledge and execute plans to support and enhance our communities. We talked with a few of our members about their experience being a part of IIDA and the value it brings to their lives and professions. Hear and see what they have to say.

Jennifer Ruckel, Industry IIDA

Intermountain Chapter
Senior Vice President of Sales, 3form

Igor Siddiqui, IIDA
Texas/Oklahoma Chapter
Associate Professor, The University of Texas at Austin

Midori Shim, Associate IIDA
South Florida Chapter
Interior Designer, Gresham Smith

"IIDA has provided me with more than just support. They granted me access to amazing networking opportunities. They inspired me to get involved in events. They also offered me a scholarship to continue my education. Most importantly, they showed me that this is an industry I can be a part of and it's a community of people collaborating to raise our standards—it’s inclusive, inspiring, and innovative."

Katrina Alvarez, Student IIDA, New York Institute of Technology

Katrina Alvarez, Student IIDA, New York Insitute of Technology. Photo by Katrina Alvarez
Katrina Alvarez, Student IIDA, New York Insitute of Technology. Photo by Katrina Alvarez

Together We Make Space

New Member Application Fee Waiver

Join now and enjoy all the benefits of IIDA membership with no application fee through February 2023.

Keep Up-to-Date on Industry News

Don’t miss out on exclusive savings and member events by keeping your contact information up-to-date. Sign in to your account via the link in the upper right corner of any IIDA.org web page using your username and password. Need some help? Contact IIDA Member Services at membership@iida.org or 312.467.1950.

Connect with Your Local Chapter

Your IIDA chapter, city center, or campus center is often the gateway for communicating with the wider design community. Chapters provide ways to get involved with IIDA on a local level and give you access to the information you need. Find your chapter and connect today.

When You Support IIDA, You Support Change

From advocacy and activism to scholarships and educational funds, to mentoring the next generation of designers, your IIDA membership supports an array of programs meant to make a difference in the industry—like the Design Your World education pipeline program, Talent Collective, Equity Council, Student Mentoring Program, and design scholarships.

Together We Make Space. We connect, inspire, and empower together at IIDA

The value of membership is immeasurable. It provides tangible benefits such as discounts on business insurance, reduced event and design competition entry fees, and access to exclusive data and tools like the IIDA Compensation Calculator and the upcoming demographic survey. But IIDA membership isn’t just about the tangible benefits. When you support IIDA through membership, we support you through invaluable, intangible benefits that help you expand your business, grow personally, and bring about social change. Join or Renew today.

"Being an IIDA member for me means being a part of a bigger community. I really value everyone's partnership in this journey we are all on to create a better industry and a better world."

Amy Storek, Ind. IIDA
, CEO Americas, Arper

Amy Storek, Ind. IIDA, CEO Americas, Arper. Photo by Elaine Miller
Amy Storek, Ind. IIDA, CEO Americas, Arper. Photo by Elaine Miller
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