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About Vibhavari Jani, IIDA
Professor | Kansas State University
As professor of interior architecture and product design at Kansas State, with more than 22 years of practice in the United States, Vibhavari has served the architecture and interior design industries in executive and administrative capacities. She has designed and managed large projects for major corporations, healthcare, education, government, and hospitality clients. As an academic, she enjoys working with students and engaging them in creative, interdisciplinary, collaborative, and service-learning projects. Her research efforts, conference presentations, and publications have addressed issues including the contribution of Non-Western cultures in the field of architecture and design, influence of collaborative efforts in architecture and interior design education, sustainability and green design, and the influence of new technology's impact on interior design curricula. She is the 2018 IIDA Educator Diversity Award recipient for her work developing curriculum that highlights the importance of cultural diversity, equity, and social justice in interior design.