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Sep 11, 2023 By Jessica Jones
Perspective Future of Work: Next
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Discover five products that are changing the way we view work spaces moving into the future of workplace design from the office to the home
By Jessica Jones Sep 11, 2023
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Image Above courtesy of Narbutas

The pandemic ushered in a new era where designers have had to develop different approaches to designing for the workplace. With more people working from home and transitioning into hybrid workspaces, design must consider not only the user experience but also the changing workforce. The future of the workplace looks like designing spaces for experience, physical distance, flexibility, privacy and collaboration. Whether it is a desk, lamp, chair, or technology, design enhances our human experience. By focusing on design solutions that create a community around work and redefine the evolution of the office, designers can help change workplace design for the better.


Pergola Workspaces

Haworth’s Pergola Workspaces collection is a freestanding architectural form that considers the functional needs of the workplace. One where people can connect, collaborate, and focus on tasks. Haworth created this design solution to function as space dividers, allowing for flexible room design that gives power to the user. It perfectly combines the privacy and collaborative needs of a workspace environment. This design includes transaction worksurfaces, coat hooks, worksurface support, and an accessory shelf. The Pergola’s innovative design won the 2023 Best of Neocon Silver Award and was part of the winning booth design for the 2021 IIDA Showroom & Booth Design Competition.

Pergola features include transaction worksurfaces, coat hooks, worksurface support, and accessory shelf. Images courtesy of Haworth
Pergola is a 2023 Best of NeoCon Silver Award Winner. Images courtesy of Haworth
Pergola is a freestanding architectural workspace. Images courtesy of Haworth


Lost Palms

Lost Palms brings the rustic outdoors feel to your home or office. Inspired by the patterns in Joshua Tree, these innovative designs feature biophilic motifs to mimic the unique textures and patterns of the natural ecosystem. The collection offers nine different flooring products that incorporate desert patterns, textures, and colors to transport you to that rustic terrain. Interface’s carpet tile designs have a low carbon footprint, and the Lost Palms Collection is third party verified carbon neutral across the full product life cycle.

Lost Palms flooring products favors a classic color pattern of cool and warm grays. Images courtesy of Interface
Lost Palms is third party verified carbon neutral across the full
product life cycle through Interface's Carbon Neutral Floor program. Images courtesy of Interface
Lost Palms features super-plush pile and clear marbling. Images courtesy of Interface


Pavilion O

Pavilion O is a modular office product created by Kettal to be used in open plan offices. This product consists of a lightweight aluminum frame that can be covered in glass, fabric or wooden panels. This design aids in reconfiguring office interiors making a more flexible space. Kettal launched this product due to the shift in workplace design. With this product you can create countless office layouts that can be used to create more open space or enclosed booths. It’s user-friendly flexibility ensures that you can reconfigure a space in only a few hours.

Pavilion O can be used make multiple work areas. Images courtesy of Kettal
Pavilion O panels are lightweight and user friendly for convert spaces in a timely manner. Images courtesy of Kettal
Pavilion O was created for open plan offices. Images courtesy of Kettal



Narubtas’s ZooZoo collection was created in collaboration with interior designer Annie Lee. The ZooZoo collection was designed for impromptu meetings, consisting of a tall coffee table and matching poufs. The coffee tables are available in two sizes and two different shapes. Lee designed the tables with a smooth top and metal base which can be painted any color. The poufs that accompany each table also have storage nooks for valuables. This workplace design is perfect for solo work and a great informal meeting space.

ZooZoo's multifunctional features helps users save space by providing a surface, seat, and a storage compartment. Image courtesy of Narbutas
The multiple color options for this collection give users the power to pick their design palette. Image courtesy of Narbutas
The ZooZoo collection was a part of the meeting table series at NeoCon 2023. Images courtesy of Narbutas

Tobias Garu

Team Home

Launched in 2021 Team Home by German designer Tobia Grau is a new desk lamp design created to increase productivity and well-being when working from home. Remote workspaces are important as the workplace shifts from in office to hybrid schedules. Team Home was created specifically for home, its lightweight design and structural light creates a clean and calm workspace. The design brings the professional workplace home and users can control the lamp via an app picking their ideal lighting levels for their space. It can also be controlled with the Smart Touch panel. With Grau’s Beam Lens technology the lamp also provides consistent and glare-free light.

The Team Home light was created to improve people's productivity and wellbeing while at home. Image courtesy of Tobias Garu
Team Home is Tobias Grau's first high-performance lamp. Image courtesy of Tobias Grau
Incorporated with Beam Lens technology, Team Home protects users eyes from strain. Image courtesy of Tobias Grau
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