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Mar 18, 2024 By Cheryl S. Durst
Perspective: Next Wave
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Directing our gaze forward, we explore a world of possibility in the question, "What comes next?"
By Cheryl S. Durst Mar 18, 2024
Published in Perspective

A few weeks ago, I was listening to a podcast discussion of the multiple waves of feminism—we’re up to four now! As I followed the progression of feminist thought and activism, I began to ponder one question: what will the next wave bring?

“What next?” is not a question designed to disregard the contributions of the past or even the present day, but it does demand that we understand context and history while directing our gaze forward, in order to get a good look at where our world—and the people who will move it into the future—are headed.

IIDA is always future-focused, which is no surprise when you recall that our members work on projects which inherently require looking ahead. Designers create spaces that meet the needs of clients and end users not at project inception, but at completion and for years of use beyond. Creating places for the future, and shaping the future of place, means honing our vision until it is crisp and clear, inspired, and ambitious.

Cheryl S. Durst, Hon. FIIDA
Cheryl S. Durst, Hon. FIIDA

That vision has to take in a shifting landscape: We have already started to think differently about the places we inhabit, and to expect more from them. How can a workplace function as an extension of home for employees, while also hosting conferences, sparking collaboration, and welcoming the surrounding community? How can a sports arena become a year-round gathering spot? Can a school create not just enhanced learning, but wellbeing?

Of course, reexamining the future of place naturally leads us to reexamine the future of practice. How will design firms work in the years and decades ahead? What will it mean to be part of a multi-disciplinary practice or an ecosystem of manufacturers? What new disciplines will be defined by new ways of practicing?

In this issue of Perspective, we’ve assembled a cast of expert voices to speak to the questions above, and shed some light on what’s new and next in design. We’ll bring you some boundary-stretching projects and ideas, as well as new things from the world of design that start to point the way to what might be next. I hope you enjoy digging into these topics with IIDA as much as I do; so give our stories a read and while you’re at it, remember: if you want to catch the Next Wave, you always have to be looking toward the horizon.

Cheryl S. Durst, Hon. FIIDA
IIDA Executive Vice President and CEO

Cover Story

Sean McDowell talks his journey from Tokyo to Nike, shaping his innovative leadership at MillerKnoll. He shares insights on embracing innovation, inclusivity, and the impact of design on equality and diversity. Read more

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How has design shifted over the years? Eileen Jones, FIIDA, and Cortney Backes, Perkins&Will, come together representing two generations of designers to talk the evolution of design and the importance of learning from one another. Stressing the necessity of shared learning and adaptation. Read more.

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BMW Designworks explores advanced technology to craft cars with a human feel. Learn how Julia de Bono, CEO and Studio Director at BMW’s DesignworksUSA, is using advance technologies including AI, as a design tool, to design cars that feel more human bringing a new feel to automobile car design and the BMW brand. Read more

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IIDA Perspective Team:

Cheryl Durst, Hon. FIIDA | Executive VP and CEO, IIDA
Cindy Dampier
| Chief Marketing Officer, IIDA
Nneka McGuire
| Director of Content, IIDA
Laura Botham | Senior Digital Content Manager, IIDA
Vasia Rigou
| Writer and Copy Editor, IIDA
Jessica Jones | Content Coordinator, IIDA

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