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The NCIDQ Tuition Reimbursement Fund supports IIDA Associate members seeking their NCIDQ credentials. Interior designers that hold an NCIDQ certificate are able to demonstrate their skills, experience, and knowledge of core competencies in code-regulated interiors ensuring the protection of public health, safety, and welfare.

The NCIDQ Tuition Reimbursement Fund will award financial assistance to IIDA Associate members twice annually whom have completed and passed all three sections of the NCIDQ exam. The award is open twice annually, in the spring and in the fall after each exam period.

With an inaugural gift from Mannington Commercial, this Fund offers IIDA Associate members an opportunity to apply for financial assistance upon passing all three parts of the NCIDQ exam. The following IIDA members are the most recent recipients:


Samantha Darm, Associate IIDA, Wisconsin Chapter
Robyn Davis, Associate IIDA, Ohio Kentucky Chapter
Alexa DeLisle, Associate IIDA, New England Chapter
Lauren Gonzales, IIDA, Southwest Chapter
Kelci Jagge, Associate IIDA, Texas Oklahoma Chapter
Carly Marvin, Associate IIDA, Texas Oklahoma Chapter
Samantha Meyers, Associate IIDA, Carolinas Chapter
Kaylen Parker, IIDA, Northern California Chapter
Grace Rouse, Associate IIDA, Ohio Kentucky Chapter
Kendra Shea, IIDA, Northern Pacific Chapter
Natalia Silva, Associate IIDA, South Florida Chapter
Bridgett Weaver, IIDA, Texas Oklahoma Chapter
Christin Weaver, IIDA, New York Chapter
Viola Yeung, Associate IIDA, Northern Pacific Chapter


IIDA Associate members in good standing are eligible to participate. Members who have taken and passed all required parts of the exam resulting in NCIDQ Certification may request consideration for reimbursement.


Submissions are now open. Apply here.