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Tarkett + IIDA P.A.T.H. Initiative
Partnership. Action. Talent. History.

The Tarkett + IIDA P.A.T.H. initiative was inspired by our shared beliefs that every student with a passion for interior design or architecture, regardless of their background, should have access to opportunities that enable them to thrive and shape the future of our industry.

The inaugural 2024 initiative will provide one HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) with free membership through the end of 2025 for up to ten students, and one educator/faculty member in order to establish their IIDA Campus Center, as well as additional support from Tarkett and IIDA to build out programming and resources for the campus center to thrive for years to come.

What's an IIDA Campus Center?

An IIDA Campus Center is an interior design club hosted on your campus, backed by IIDA. You have the opportunity to network and grow with your peers, be involved with your local chapter, gain leadership experience, and access all that IIDA has to offer - internships, mentoring programs, competitions, events, and more!

Why Does This Matter?

By establishing IIDA Campus Centers at HBCUs, we are fostering the growth of underrepresented talent within our industry. How? IIDA Students are not only a members of their Campus Center, but the larger IIDA community, which offers students access to networking, career development, and mentorship. They are able to participate in local and national programming that can help them find career guidance, job placements, internships, and the all important network that will follow them throughout their professional life.

Not only do HBCU Campus Centers benefit students, but the entire design community wins. It gives designers the opportunity to connect with more diverse students, and to empower professionals to support Black design students in meaningful ways. IIDA student membership provides access to a dynamic network and opportunities like mentorship, scholarships, and meeting other students and designers from around the country. By focusing on HBCU’s we are ensuring that Black design students are provided with the same tools for success.