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IIDA’s Industry Roundtable is an annual think-tank that convenes diverse thought-leaders and decision makers across firms, manufacturers, and academia for a weekend of discussions and explorations of our industry—where we are, and where we are headed. Sessions provide both thought-provoking presentations and high-level, open dialog among leaders in a format that both builds on the Roundtable’s 25 years of accumulated expertise around the design industry; and cements connections among a singular community of knowledge sharers. This unique forum sets the agenda for industry leaders, challenging how we think about design, and pushing toward a more innovative and dynamic future, collectively.

The Industry Roundtable envisions not just the possibility of the future, but takes the approach of defining what the future will be. We develop strategies based on our collective vision, allowing our industry to stay ahead of the curve. Participants emerge with a toolkit for the future, and the ability to design not only for the needs of today, but for the needs of the next 10, even 20 years.

We’ve met in Santa Fe; at the Los Angeles-based DesignWorks; Chicago; and for Industry Roundtable 26 in January of 2024, we will convene at the impeccably designed Santa Monica Proper Hotel. Join us as we look at what lies ahead for our profession and for the industry, examining the art of moving forward with grace, with intent, with strategy, and with a focus on a more sustainable future.

For more information about the IIDA Industry Roundtable, please contact IIDA Director of Strategic Sales Tracey Thomas at tthomas@iida.org.


IIDA Industry Roundtable 25
| The Future
Presenting Sponsor: Mohawk Group
Session Sponsor: Kimball International
Session Sponsor: USG

The 2023 event marks the 25th iteration of the distinctive, thought-provoking, and immersive event. Hosted by IIDA’S EVP and CEO Cheryl S. Durst, Hon. FIIDA at the Four Seasons at Rancho Encantado Resort, guests gathered for a weekend addressing “The Future.” Featuring exclusive behind the scenes tours of Museum of International Folk Art and Museum of Indian Arts & Culture, sponsored by the Mohawk Group; keynote speakers Bill Grant, Llisa Demetrios, and futurist Mark Bryan; as well as break-out discussions and more. Read here


IIDA Industry Roundtable 24
2022 | Designing What's Next: Toward Greater Equity, Relevance, and Resiliency
Presenting Sponsor: Pivot Interiors
Hospitality Sponsor: Mosaic Companies

Industry Roundtable 24 marked a return to gathering, and challenging guests to keep their minds open: open to our fellow humans, open to new ideas, and open to a wider range of possible futures. Gathering at the Four Seasons at Rancho Encantado Resort, the weekend investigated key insights from designing for healthcare during the pandemic, foundational practices to advance EDI initiatives, circular economies, sustainability, and of course, the future. Read here


IIDA Industry Roundtable 23
| What Clients Want: The Future of Place, Experience, and Worklife
Host Sponsor: Design Works, a BMW Group Company
Presenting Sponsor: Pivot Interiors

Industry Roundtable 23 gathered at the technology-rich Design Works for an investigation into “The Future Of.” The summit featured speakers and panelists that explored themes of “what clients want” through the lens of on-demand technology, capturing workplace behavior, designing for end-users, achieving emotionally “sticky” design, the future of women in design, and sustainability. Read here