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Converge was founded in 2019 by IIDA in partnership with Interface, to create a platform for knowledge sharing around sustainable practice. Combining Interface’s years of research and strong commitment to sustainability with IIDA’s ability to convene both emerging design leaders and subject matter experts from across the design industry, the program is focused on fostering and expanding leadership in sustainable practice.

IIDA + Interface Converge Action Summit

The Converge Action Summit is a yearly event which brings together sustainability leaders in design and a wide range of emerging designers. This Converge community engages in three days of learning focused on real-world, up-to-date practices and tools that designers can take back to their firms, clients and partners. Currently in its fifth year, the Summit has hundreds of alumni across the U.S., meeting our goal of seeding actionable sustainability knowledge throughout the design industry. Learn more


Converge Sustainability Council

The Converge Sustainability Council represents the next step in our commitment to foster sustainable practice and empower emerging leaders. As part of the Council, Converge Summit alumni and a group of sustainability mentors meet regularly to share knowledge, welcome expert guest speakers and support growth in skills to further sustainable practice. Council participants help to shape future Converge Summit programming and work to extend their knowledge into the larger design community. Learn more



Explore the IIDA Ecomedes portal to find and measure sustainable products specifically curated for commercial design and to achieve equitable, resilient, and adaptable design. The IIDA Ecomedes platform can accelerate your ability to find, evaluate, and specify products and materials while tracking your carbon impact. Learn more



IIDA is dedicated to providing our members with thought leadership and resources on how to think, enact, and learn more about integrating sustainability into their practice. Dive into our thoughtful webinars, articles, and tools to help you do more—and learn more—about resilient, sustainable design. Learn more


IIDA + Interface Converge Action Summit

IIDA + Interface 2023
Watch this space for more on Converge 2023 — we’re taking the program to Dallas for a trip through local sustainable practice with a cast of amazing speakers. Learn more

IIDA + Interface 2022
Converge returns to Atlanta and Interface HQ! With four years of alumni spreading the Converge message through the design world, we launched the Converge Council to build continuity throughout the year. Read more

IIDA + Interface 2021
Virtual once again, Converge continued to build, with a stellar lineup of speakers and participants. Learn more and watch here

IIDA + Interface 2020
Converge goes virtual: With the COVID pandemic, we converted to a digital format and kept the sustainability knowledge flowing. Learn more and watch here

IIDA + Interface 2019

The launch pad: Converge’s inaugural event was held at Interface headquarters in Atlanta, and marked the beginning of an inspired community centered on sustainability.

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The Converge Sustainability Council

Converge Sustainability Council Mentors

Stacey Crumbaker, IIDA, Associate AIA
Converge Council Mentor
IIDA Northern Pacific Chapter
Associate Principal, Mahlum Architects
Paul Shahriari
Converge Council Mentor
Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Ecomedes
Joey Shea
Converge Council Mentor
Manager, Mission Activation, Interface

Converge Sustainability Council Members

Allison Brown, Assoc. IIDA, IIDA New York Chapter
Ivy Lane
, IIDA, IIDA Texas/Oklahoma Chapter
Amalia Morejon, Student IIDA
, IIDA South Florida Chapter
Alvin Oei, IIDA
, IIDA Southern California Chapter
Kristen Peterson-Motan, IIDA
, IIDA Northern Pacific Chapter
Emily Pittenger, Assoc. IIDA
, IIDA Indiana Chapter
Travis Prekop, IIDA
, PA/NJ?DE Chapter
Kristin Stubbs, Assoc. IIDA, IIDA Ohio/Kentucky Chapter

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Sustainability Toolbox

Webinars, Articles, and Tools
Articles | Highlights from IIDA's coverage of sustainable design
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"Perspective Sustainable Futures" | This issue of Perspective, IIDA's digital magazine, centers sustainability across our industry

"Sustainability Responsibility: Lake|Flato" | A discussion with the San Antonio-based firm that centers sustainable design

"Student Spotlight: Aubrey Schmidt" | Studying in Kenya informs a collective approach to sustainability and permaculture

"Perspective Moving UP: Next" | Meet five design firms leading the way in sustainability

"Julia Watson on Sustainable Futures" | A discussion with the author of LO–TEK Design by Radical Indigenism, a study of sustainable and resilient Indigenous design

"Dr. Jennifer Languell and Babcock Ranch" | A discussion with the sustainability engineer and member of the team that created the "most resilient and sustainable community in Florida
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Continuing Education | IIDA offers an array of CEU opportunities that center education and research into various aspects of the interior design industry—including sustainability. Find all of our current opportunities here

Ecomedes Tutorials | IIDA and Ecomedes presents webinars to introduce IIDA members to the IIDA.Ecomedes platform and how to maximize this important resource. These webinars are for IIDA Members only, log in to your account to view!
Ecomedes 101: Meet your newest member benefit!

Collective D(esign) | A webinar series from IIDA that provides resources, information, and inspiration to the design community. Find selection of our sustainability-centered conversations below, and explore the full series here:
• "Collective D(esign): Episode 8 | Sustainability, Wellness, and Adaptive Change"
• "Collective D(esign) S3: Ep4 | Sustainability: Climate Change, Equity, and Inclusion"
Grants and Funds
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Keilhauer Sustainable Design Education Fund | $350 for five (5) IIDA Student, Professional, or Associate members, who have completed and passed the LEED Green Associate or LEED AP exam courtesy of Keilhauer and the IIDA Foundation

WELL Sustainable Design Fund | Up to $350 for up to seven (7) IIDA Student, Professional, and Associate members who have completed and passed the WELL AP Exam courtesy of the IIDA Foundation

For questions about the program, please contact Cody Czmyr, director of member services, at cczmyr@IIDA.org.