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Nov 19, 2020 By IIDA HQ
Perspective Fast Forward
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A look forward—COVID-19 has changed everything, we look forward to what is in store in the workplace, the new urbanism, automation, and how to manage mental health in the workplace
By IIDA HQ Nov 19, 2020
Published in Perspective

Fast-Forward to 2025

COVID has changed everything–what will last and what will morph into something else? Designers look ahead to the future of office, hospitality, healthcare, and retail interiors. Read more


High 5

Here are 5 things bubbling up in the design world: pop-up classrooms, a Japanese brand’s U.S. debut, a children’s hospital that aims for wellness—and fun, the growing mushroom movement, and a Bauhaus redux. Read more


The New, New Urbanism

Andrés Duany set the standard for accessible, interactive urban design. Now he’s charting a course for its post-pandemic future. Read more


Shift Happens

Designers discuss where they’ve been—and where they’re headed as they navigate the next normal. Read more


Scratch Pad December

Even COVID can’t stop culture. Here are some releases and exhibitions worth checking out. Read more


The Automation Effect

Designers are using tech to add convenience—and safety—to their spaces. Read more


Talk, Talk: Mental Health Check

How can leaders step in and support their talent? Susan Mulholland, IIDA, and Ben van Berkel discuss. Read more

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