Mar 03, 2021 By IIDA HQ
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In this issue, we explore what "community" looks like as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic
By IIDA HQ Mar 03, 2021
Published in Perspective

In this issue of Perspective, we take a look at what community means now that we've reemerged from the COVID-19 pandemic. How has this experience shifted how we look at "place," from workplace to retail we hear from designers as they explore new ways of thinking about how to design spaces for a changed world.

Retail Therapy

Retailers can survive the post-pandemic retail apocalypse—if they create an in-store experience worth visiting. Designers tell us what we can expect moving forward with experiential design in the retail space. Read more


A nearly demolished historic hospital is nursed back to health—re-emerging as a much-buzzed-about multi-use commercial space. We take a look at the Hyatt Place and Hyatt House Chicago repositioning. Read more

The Anti-Anti-Office

But the appeal of highly social office spaces began to fade at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic as organizations prioritized team safety leaning into temporary remote work solutions. With a return to work, designers are rethinking open spaces to keep teams moving forward. Read more

Reading the Room

A community gathering place for centuries, libraries evolve their interiors to meet emerging societal needs for different resources and modes of gathering. Read more

Roundtable on Museums

The form and function of museums has been fundamentally altered by the pandemic. Now, designers look to a future post-COVID-19. How museum spaces are being reimagined and reinvigorated? We spoke to three designers to learn more. Read more

Scratch Pad

Fodder to fuel the creative fires—we round up where to go, what to read, what to watch, and what to listen to in March. From costume design, to peeking into 20 iconic residential interiors from acclaimed architects, artists, and designers. Read more

Talk Talk

In a socially distanced world, here’s how Lois Wellwood, IIDA, director and global interiors leader, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) and Peter Wang, AIA, principal and design director, Gensler, New York stay connected to their community. Read more

Maintaining Community

Even amid a sea of screens, design teams are finding ways to deepen connections—collaborating, creating, and conversing in whole new ways. Jessamyn Davis, COO at RIOS and Alexandra Alfaro, design management principal at ESI Design an NBBJ studio discuss collaboration 2.0 and the ties that bind. Read more

High 5

5 things generating buzz in the design world: Prada’s fashion statement, a haveli turned hotel draws on local artisans and inspired by gems, Norway’s new passport, Lego’s biophilic blocks, and biotech textiles. Read more

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