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IIDA/WestEdge Design Fair Product Awards

The IIDA/WestEdge Design Fair Product Awards honors innovation, environmental functionality, function, and aesthetic or technical advancements in the commercial industry. Established in 2023, this competition recognizes the next big thing in commercial interior design across 11 categories.

Who Should Submit
This award is open to product manufacturers or designers exhibiting products intended for the commercial environment at the current iteration of the WestEdge Design Fair in Los Angeles.

Why Should I Submit

Enter for the chance to have your work evaluated on-site by world-renowned interior and product designers. Projects are judged on excellence in aesthetics, design, creativity, and function as well as the suitability of the design solution to the project challenge and the successful integration of the elements of design.

Winners will be announced and celebrated during the 2023 WestEdge Design Fair in Los Angeles. Winners will be featured on IIDA.org, in WestEdge Design Fair publications, and in an official press release distributed to leading industry outlets and media partners.


This award is open annually, April through October—check back in April 2024 for more information about next year’s award!

To be notified directly when this competition opens, contact IIDA Design Competitions Manager Veronica Whitaker at competitions@iida.org.

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