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Individual Industry Member

The IIDA Industry Individual Membership is designed for professionals engaged in the interior design industry who do not practice interior design, but make exemplary interior design possible. Our Industry members are lighting designers, photographers, carpenters, dealers, distributors, product designers, product manufacturers, acoustic designers, and more.

Member Dues

IIDA memberships run on the calendar year, January through December. All new members and members reactivating their memberships will have a one-time $75 application fee added to their dues.

Prorated New Member Dues

New memberships are prorated on a quarterly basis by join date:

Sep. 1 - Mar. 31
: $565

Apr. 1 - June 30: $423.75

July 1 - Aug. 31: $282.59

Renewing Member Dues

Annual Industry Individual Dues: $565

To qualify for Individual Industry Membership you must provide proof of practice or employment in the interior design industry.

In addition to our member benefits, U.S.-based IIDA Professional members are eligible for complimentary print and digital publications that cover technical and theoretical topics in design, as well as community news and events. IIDA Industry members have access to exceptional resources for professional development, networking, and engagement opportunities through affiliation with their local IIDA chapter.


Information and resources for existing or prospective members: