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IIDA Industry membership is designed for companies in the A&D industry that design or distribute products or services used by commercial interior designers. Industry - Corporate membership offers your company and its representatives the ability to connect, communicate, and collaborate with local and international design leaders—increasing your reach and enhancing your position for success.


IIDA Industry membership connects companies and their representatives to designers, project managers, firms and their clients, and to other industry-related professionals across 58 countries.

IIDA Industry member benefits bring greater exposure for your company, including:

  • Awareness: Showcase your brand to potential clients, future design partners, and our professional design members with our powerful promotional and marketing opportunities.
  • Access: Increase your company’s influence and reach by participating in IIDA-produced events, programs, and competitions.
  • Distinction: Open new doors for your company with the prestige of using the IIDA appellation and logo.
  • Networking: Build vital professional relationships with local, national, and international designers at every level.

Interested in becoming a registered IDCEC CEU Provider? For IIDA Corporate Industry Members, your first year of registration will be waived by the IDCEC! To learn more, contact memberservices@iida.org.


Your company qualifies for IIDA Industry membership if it serves the commercial interior design industry as a certified dealer or through the manufacturing, design, or distribution of products or services used by interior designers and the A&D industry. Design firms do not currently qualify for this membership type.


IIDA memberships run on the calendar year, January through December. Membership dues are prorated from April through June. New members and those reactivating their membership after a lapse will have a one-time $75 application fee added to their dues.

Level 1 (3 reps) Annual Dues: $1,676.00
Level 2 (6 reps) Annual Dues: $3,352.00
Level 3 (15 reps) Annual Dues: $8,379.00
Level 4 (30 reps) Annual Dues: $16,758.00
Level 5 (40 reps) Annual Dues: $22,344.00
Level 6 (60 reps) Annual Dues: $31,752.00

If your company is seeking a membership plan for more than 60 representatives, please contact industrymembership@iida.org to discuss custom opportunities.