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IIDA offers members unique networking opportunities and tangible benefits related to education, advocacy, emerging leaders, and professional development. Membership with IIDA provides access to resources that can help you get ahead in your career. Benefits include subscriptions to leading magazines, tuition reimbursement opportunities, unparalleled networking with colleagues around the world, as well as reduced fees for exciting chapter initiatives and International events.

2024 Membership Benefits Guide

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Professional and Associate members in the United States receive complimentary magazines and publications that cover technical and theoretical topics in design, as well as community news and events.

  • Perspective, the award-winning and thought-provoking IIDA journal
  • Interiors & Sources, a leading monthly building industry and interiors publication
  • "Design Matters" IIDA's biweekly member newsletter keeping you informed on news and opportunities for members—CEUs, events, thought leadership, awards, scholarships, and much more.
  • "Spectrum" a weekly e-newsletter of relevant design business news aggregated from around the wordl and delivered straight to your inbox
  • Online Publications delivered monthly to your inbox from Interior Design magazine and InFocus Magazine featuring the top products, trends and topics from around the world.
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Tuition reimbursement, access to in-depth knowledge and research, and links to industry leaders and events help you get ahead in the business aspect of design. Member benefits include:

  • Chapters and Regions—IIDA offers members the opportunity to gain professional development at the local level, connecting with peers and colleagues in their own backyard.
  • CEU Programs–IIDA offers members local and international IDCEC-approved courses including webinars, take-home CEUs and quick links to educational tools throughout the year.
  • Advocacy–IIDA is a leading force in advocating for interior design code and licensing initiatives providing membership with Proactive leadership in gaining governmental recognition for the profession
  • IIDA Career Center–Members have access to discounted postings for job opportunities and complimentary internship postings.
  • NCIDQ Tuition Reimbursement—Eligibility for a twice annual drawing, IIDA offers members the opportunity to receive complete reimbursement for Associate members who successfully complete the NCIDQ exam
  • Sustainable Education Fund—Offering a twice-annual drawing, IIDA offers members the opportunity to receive reimbursement of LEED exam fees for those who have successfully passed the accreditation exam
  • Membership Directory—IIDA Members have access to the full membership roster including designers and industry members.
  • Research—IIDA provides members with access to the full annual IIDA Demographic Survey and the searchable results tool to dive deeper into the data.
  • Personal Recognition – IIDA members are permitted to use the IIDA professional designation as well as the personalized member logo to recognize their commitment to advancing the A+D industry.
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Members receive first notice of special events and registration discounts.

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IIDA members have access to a wide range of discounts and special pricing for products and services to support them personally and professionally. With this curated listing of benefits and programs, the intent is to support our members as interior designers. A full list of discounts and Incentives are available on the member portal and require logging in, however you can find a sampling below. For additional questions, please contact memberservices@iida.org.

Discounts and savings include:

  • Travel for rentals cars including Avis and Budget
  • Discounted flat rate shipping with UPS
  • Tech programs though Lenovo, eHealth, and Constant Contact
  • Savings on insurance, payroll, and HR solutions

And so much more!

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If you are a member in good standing, you can use the IIDA acronym after your name. Using your IIDA designation shows your clients, employers, and peers that you are deeply committed to your profession. It demonstrates to a prospective employer that you have the qualifications that give you an edge.

Status | Appellation | Example

Professional | IIDA | Jane Doe, IIDA
College of Fellows | FIIDA | Jane Doe, FIIDA
Emeritus | Emeritus IIDA
Associate | Associate IIDA or Assoc. IIDA | Jane Doe, Associate IIDA or Assoc. IIDA
Student | Student IIDA | Jane Doe, Student IIDA
Industry | Industry IIDA or Ind. IIDA | Jane Doe, Industry IIDA or Ind. IIDA
Honorary | Honorary IIDA | Jane Doe, Honorary IIDA

    Remember to capitalize IIDA. Do not separate with periods or other punctuation.
    List IIDA first when you include multiple appellations. Alphabetize ensuing appellations.
    Retired members may continue to use the IIDA or Associate IIDA appellation as appropriate.

    Use your IIDA credential:
    On your business cards, website, and letterhead
    When being interviewed or presenting
    When receiving recognition in press releases, newsletters, and announcements